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Auftrag für Reproduktionsarbeiten 
Introductory Remarks
  • We offer reproduction services only from the holdings of the Badische Landesbibliothek and from interlibrary loan books which can be used only in the rooms of the library.
  • Technical restrictions, preservation restrictions, or copyright restrictions may prevent the copying of some documents. We will let you know in case a product is not available.
  • The customer is responsible for the observation of copyright regulations.
  • If you indicate an email address in the following form, a copy of your order will be emailed to you automatically.
  • The Badische Landesbibliothek reserves the right to provide public online access to digitized images that have been produced upon customers' requests, especially of works that have been digitized in their entirety.
  • Please mind the advice given on our Reproductions website.

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1. Customer information

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2. Item description

Please indicate author, title (short form), pages or plates, and, if possible, the shelfmark of the item at the Badische Landesbibliothek.

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3. Digital Reproductions *

Scans of microfilms (no newspapers), black and white, PDF, per page 0,25 €
Digitizing of entire volumes or interlibrary loan books, JPEG, reading quality (150 dpi), per page 0,25 €
Digitizing of entire volumes or interlibrary loan books, PDF, reading quality, per page 0,25 €
Printing quality (300 dpi, TIFF), DIN A5, per page 5,00 €
Printing quality (300 dpi, TIFF), DIN A4, per page 5,00 €
Printing quality (300 dpi, TIFF), DIN A3, per page 10,00 €
Printing quality (300 dpi, TIFF), DIN A2, per page 10,00 €
Reproduction of an existing digitized document, per CD/DVD 12,00 €

Additional cost
  • 2,50 € for orders of digital reproductions (burning on CD/DVD including blank and plastic box). The reproductions cannot be sent by email.

4. Method of shipping and billing

Product will be collected at our service counter and paid for in cash.
Product will be mailed to the address indicated above (shipping charges will be added), pro forma invoice to be paid within two weeks.

Further commentary on this order

5. Conditions of payment and use

  • Orders from abroad have to be prepaid.
  • Minimum value of an order is 6,00 €.

* I accept the conditions of payment and use according to the Bibliotheksgebührenverordnung § 6 und § 7 of April 27, 2014 (GBl 2014, page 260 ff).
The Badische Landesbibliothek reserves the right to publish digitized material from its collections, even if that material has already been published or is intended to be published in an edition.

For further information write to our Digitizing Department:
Erbprinzenstraße 15, 76133 Karlsruhe
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